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." >> "moneywise" was made possible by... >> neighborworks america, educating homeowners about loan modification scams and how to report them, at 1-888-995-hope and >> and also by the foundation for financial planning, a non-profit organization helping people take control of their financial lives through financial literacy education and the pro bono outreach of the financial planning community. >> i want to thank both of you for joining us today. this is probably one of the hottest topics in america. unemployment is a big issue. everyone's concerned about it. if you do have a job, you want to keep it; if you don't have a job, definitely you want to find one. tell us--what are you telling friends who may be unemployed? carl, i'll begin with you first. >> i'm telling them work to their potential. exceed the employer's expectations. be flexible, be available, and understand the business that they're in and support that company in making money. >> roz? >> generally the same thing. we're also offering resources because many times, people just don't know where to find those jobs
't be wealthy. but you would have dignity. you would have stability. you would have a way to educate your children, school your children. and when you got old as keith's family said of his father, you would have a decent retirement. you would not have to depend on your children. that is gone today for millions ofmericans. >> this country has been good to you. >> very good to me. >> and if you look at it, and to me as well. and if you look at it and make the following argument, we need to redistribute the wealth of this country. too few as joe stiglitz said, we have become a divided society. america has created a marvelous economic machine but most of the benefits have gone to the top. we need to change that there your judgement. >> we have to create more opportunities. we have to make sure that people without do sign on for its american dream are reward for their hard work. >> rose: how do we do it what dow change? >> you could do something simple. first of all you could raise the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $15 an hour and ned henhauer a capital nist seattle, very successful man h
. i cannot emphasize the importance of early educational intervention. 20 hours a week working with the teacher. it is a very big spectrum. there is no black and white dividing line. between mild and may be just being sort of socially awkward. tavis: is there good news in the research about how we're doing treating autism? >> research is clear on the importance of early intervention with these kids, that is very clear. one of the places where researchers need is the sensory problems. get center problems with dyslexia, learning problems, adhd. things like sound sensitivity, problems with favre's and lighting. this is one area that needs a lot of research. i have a big chapter just on dealing with sensor problems. tavis: it taught in this book and have made the point any times that parents and others ought to see autism as a gift and not as a curse, not as a challenge. tommy lee made. >> the milder and of the spectrum, there can be some real advantages. at the more severe and you could have a child that remains nonverbal and cannot participate in a normal events like going to arr
as the essential industries. intellectual, cultural educational institutions that then bring in the people, the human capital that today in this world defines success or failure makes the city a magnet. that is why the city's pulse continues to be as vibrant as it is. yes, we will miss mike but four years from now, two years from now, i hope... we know one of these candidates will look and say, hey, you're doing a great job. >> i want to ask you about national politics since you're still a leading voice in the democratic party. andrew cuomo as governor of new york talk about him as a potential president. would he be a good president? >> i'm going to withhold judgment. andrew and i have not seen eye to eye on nerms the of issues, style, gornance. i any that he has qualities that are very useful. certain that i think he will work to improve over time. but i think hillary is certainly certainly -- assuming she runs, probably the nominee. >> in the course of talking over the last 48 hours you've said repeatedly you're asking people to forgive you. you've earned that opportunity. you've suggest
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)